You are required to type in a 2FA code from an authenticator app (e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy) before you can withdraw any crypto asset on Obiex. Here are simple steps to help you Enable 2FA seamlessly.

  • Log into your Obiex account with your registered email and password.

Obiex login screen

  • If you haven’t performed your 2FA, you should see a prompt urging you to complete the authentication process on the Obiex Home Screen under the Obiex checklist.

  • Click the prompt message and you will be shown a QR code you can scan with an Authenticator. An example of a good Authenticator is the Google Authenticator.

  • You can scan the QR code if you have another phone, or copy the secret code and paste in the authenticator app.

  • A six digit time-based code will be generated every 30 seconds. The old code expires every time a new one is formed.

  • Once you have entered the six digit authentication code, your 2FA is completed and you will receive a pop up message that you have concluded your 2FA.

You will need to input your 6 digit code from the authenticator every time you want to withdraw to keep your coins and data safe.

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