For users with basic Tier 1 KYC, they can only withdraw $10,000 at most in a day. To enjoy limitless withdrawals, you’ll need to complete the Tier 2 KYC on Obiex.

Here are the steps on how you can do this seamlessly;

  • Log into your Obiex account with your registered email and password.

  • You should see a verified KYC message under the Obiex checklist on the homescreen of the app.

  • Click on the message and you will be taken to the KYC page where you can enter the details requested of you.

  • Once you have entered your full legal name and source of income, click on the next button.

  • You will need to scan and upload a valid country ID which could be one of your driver’s license, voter’s identity card, social security card, military identification card, passport or passport card, birth certificate.

  • You also need to provide proof of residency which could be a current house bill e.g water bill, electricity bill.

  • Also you’ll be required to take a picture holding your valid country ID and a piece of paper containing the current date and the text “Obiex finance”.

  • Once you have completed this process, click submit and your KYC verification is complete.

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